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11 June 2007 @ 10:29 pm
is any one out there? is this community still active at all? I have been around ad I was just wondering how things were going with all the other October mommies?? and i was really wondering if anyone has started potty training? I really think Payton is getting ready... I am going to buy him a potty chair this weekend. Is any one else braving it yet??? ohh and some recent pics of course! Read more...Collapse )
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06 February 2007 @ 12:10 am
Here is the scoop, were going to san Diago Calf. leaving feb 26th. from Syracuse NY. My concern is what do I do with Payton who is 15 months on the plane for 5 hours?? any suggestions on what will keep him busy what should I bring?? will he sleep? Hes going to be riding on my lap the hole ride. what should I pack for such an extreme climate change? ok thanxs for your help stories are welcome good and Bad. ( but dont scare me) lol
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25 December 2006 @ 08:52 am
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10 October 2006 @ 02:27 pm
Happy Birthday to all your babies, and congrats to all mommies who survived the first year :o)
12 September 2006 @ 10:06 am
Hi ladies, I am very curious about what your babies are eating at this stage. After having had a boy that never was into solids too much until after 1 year of age, this baby now is an eater. He wants to eat everything and LOTS so I even feel I have to limit that sometimes.
Here is what he’d eat during an average weekday, times vary but all in all this is realistic:

12 oz breastmilk during the day (estimated)

9 am : oatmeal and breastmilk mixed in
4 oz fruit or veggie blends

12 noon: one 6oz jar, one 4 oz jar fruit or veggie. Juice for hydration

3 or 4 pm : a good long nursing session with everything built up during my time at work. Then fruitpuffs, banana pieces or something snacky like that

6 pm: avocado with a little dressing or mashed banana or some other mashed fruit/vegetable. Then table food if he likes (soft bread pieces, pasta, rice, potato…anything soft, non spicy, non-meaty, non-seasoned).

Then nursing in the evenings and during the night on demand till morning.

I wonder about how much “taste” babyfood can have at this time i.e. spices/salt. I am concerned about foods that naturally are seasoned or contain salt like cheese for instance or soup we eat. Do you give your babies those things, yet? Yuma eats many of the vegetable stuff with a small amount of salad dressing, that’s all so far. How about your babes?
03 September 2006 @ 09:30 am
I have started a new community and i hope this is allowed I diddnt see anything in the house about it not but come on over check it out if its something your interested in the please join....

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25 August 2006 @ 11:35 pm
This community has been a little slow, so I thought I'd put up a new post and we could get some updates! What are all of the babies up to now? Have they learned anything cool lately?

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04 August 2006 @ 03:06 pm
I finished washing diapers last night and was wringing them out in the bathtub after their last rinse. I brought Kaitlin into the bathroom with me thinking she'd be entertained by the noise and the falling water. Next thing I hear is "slurp, slurp".

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23 July 2006 @ 07:17 am
Payton was nine months yesterday... I went to have his pictures He was such a good boy.
Hes crawling all over the place. He says mama when hes mad. its cute. last night he said baba. I was sooo excited. no teeth yet though. He pulls himself up on things. he does the cutest little fishy face. He first made it when I gave him something with pinapple in it. now he does it all the time. but now on to the cuteness.

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19 July 2006 @ 12:40 pm
Hey all,

My name is Ashley, i'm 19 and i'm the mother of a beautiful 9 month old little boy. I'm just looking to meet new people who share some of the same interests as me. I'm king of starting over with my live journal. So if anyone is interested add me or post <33