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06 February 2007 @ 12:10 am
Vacation so well deserved...  
Here is the scoop, were going to san Diago Calf. leaving feb 26th. from Syracuse NY. My concern is what do I do with Payton who is 15 months on the plane for 5 hours?? any suggestions on what will keep him busy what should I bring?? will he sleep? Hes going to be riding on my lap the hole ride. what should I pack for such an extreme climate change? ok thanxs for your help stories are welcome good and Bad. ( but dont scare me) lol
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Rodja Raskolnikov's Roomaneki on February 6th, 2007 02:51 pm (UTC)
I've been flying three times with Yuma already, two times it was a long 12 hour flight. And he already had enough before the plane even lifted off! That said, it totally depends on what type your bebe is. Is he fine being "restricted" to sit on your lap or stand in the aisle for a little while - than it is good for you. I brought a bunch of books and relied on that the people and the whole scenario might interest him enough to keep him busy.
Probably you know this already but you may want to call the flight company and ask for a seat in the so called "bulk head row" or "baby row". It is the first row and it has a lot of foot space. There they can hook up a baby bassinet for you (but I am not sure if they do this on domestic flights). Even if they don't, it's nice because he can stand a little bit or sit on the floor without having to be in the aisle.
Kaffeeee: zo-zokatznjeep on February 6th, 2007 03:07 pm (UTC)
I've been on a few flights with my kids. I agree with aneki, it totally depends on they type of baby you've got. We flew on the day they started the flight restrictions and I had to give up my juice for my toddler, but was able to keep the milk. I'm not sure what the restrictions are now, but realize if you bring juice, you may have to dump it.

Make sure when you arrive at the ticket counter they know you have a kid with you, they will be less likely to put someone next to you if they know that. You might luck out and end up with a seat free next to you. I've tried the bulk head angle and a lot of times its full.

Domestic flights don't tend to do the bassinet thing, but my international flight did. Besides, your 15mo probably won't want to sit in it anyway. I know mine wouldn't. :)

I've found that its better to have a seat close to the window (even though a lot of people say get an aisle) mainly because then he's pretty contained and has to stay in the seat if he's blocked by another person or you. Plus you can distract and have him look out the window.

Bring books, treats and your patience. It won't be as bad as you think! Good luck, let us know how it goes! Oh, and bring a blanket! You can probably get one from the flight, but this way you have your own and can take it on and off the plane.
stephweststephwest on February 6th, 2007 03:24 pm (UTC)
I just went on a plane ride with Maya, also 15 months. Make sure you're the first to preboard so you can sit in the front row (or request that row when you get your seats.) On the way there, Maya was so amazed by looking out the window that she was on my lap the whole time. I also let her drink out of a bottle because the constant swallowing helped her ears not pop. Try to re-arrange her schedule a bit so your baby will be sleepy on the plane. On the way back, however, it was much more difficult. The plane was completely full so someone had to be sitting directly next to me. Maya hit him the entire time, tried to grab his stuff, etc. Buy a new toy your baby has never played with before and save it for when he starts acting up (if he ever does). It worked!! Just make sure you save it for an emergency like that. And of course, if your babe makes it there and back without any problems, definitely give him the toy for good behavior at the end:)